Hemp Circle Industries and CBD Information

Hemp Circle Industries wants to address the growing CBD industry, and questions you  may have as a consumer. What is CBD? That is typically the first question we hear from people who used to equate “hemp” with “pot.” No longer.

Ok, so let this initial post be the answer to the most frequently asked question about “what is CBD?” CBD stands for the word “cannabidiol” – so you can see why it’s easier to have the term “CBD” roll off your tongue than try to twist it to pronounce the word cannabidiol (although it gets easier after a little practice).

The substance itself is simply a natural one that comes from the cannabis plant. BUT, if you are afraid that CBD might “get you high” or something, fear not! You are most likely thinking about “THC” – or, tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance you would find in “pot” that DOES get you high. So, hopefully you can just relax, and sit back and learn from this website. CBD is now being added to so many oils and foodstuffs (the purpose of which is to help you get calm, or to ease physical discomfort. Hey, it’s even in dog treats now! So, come back to this site to learn more, because more is coming soon!